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We have made an effort to make this site accessible to all users . . .

Screen Reader Navigation

Page code reads in a logical, linear order:

  1. Skip links
  2. Header Navigation (H2)
  3. Page Title (H1), Header Picture and Header Quote
  4. Content Area (H2)
  5. ... Page Contents (H2-H5)
  6. Sidebar Area (H2)
  7. Footer Sitemap (H2)

However, if you feel that this structure could be improved, please contact us at

Other Accessibility Features

Change Font Sizes

If you find the text difficult to read, you can change the default font size in your browser.

You Are Here Breadcrumbs

If you need a hint where you are, just look in the page footer

Disabled Javascript

The site will work fine without JavaScript -- some of the aesthetic features will be disabled, but all the pertinent information will remain intact.