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SOARS is a multi-year program: protégés can participate up to four summers.

Protégés will be evaluated by their mentors and staff based on their progress in research, writing and communication, as well as their professional behavior, work ethic and contributions to the SOARS community.

Protégés who wish to return the next summer must complete an Application for Continuation and provide supporting documentation.

Protégés must also complete an evaluation of the summer program and update their Online Profile by emailing any changes to the SOARS office by September 1st.

Alumni Opportunity

SOARS offers a new opportunity to help its alumni who are three or more years into their graduate program toward a PhD. To prepare them for academic careers, we invite them to return to SOARS for one additional summer. During their residence at NCAR, alumni would continue their own research toward a graduate degree and serve as a junior research mentor to an undergraduate protégé.

Please see the application for proposal instructions and required letters of support.

Contact SOARS with questions or to discuss this opportunity.